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Assisting new parents learn about their newborn and educating them at such a vulnerable and emotional time in their lives is truly the greatest privilege. As a mom of two, I struggled in the early newborn days with shallow latches, nipple pain and damage, engorgement leading to clogged ducts, tongue and lip ties and nursing strikes with little to no support in my area. I knew it was my calling to help new mothers and babies on their feeding adventures to ensure they are never alone in this.

Becoming an IBCLC was driven by my passion, commitment, and perseverance to do better in the world of infant feeding. Staying up-to-date with evidence based information and the latest tips and tricks is my way of providing the absolute best care to my clients. From my own personal experiences, understanding the cultural shift that takes place and staying up to date with it, but also educating on the anthropological biology of breastfeeding is imperative in today's world. There is never a "one size fits all' approach to feeding support.

My non-judgmental demeanor allows families to feel supported and empowered with their feeding journey, I strive to form therapeutic relationships with my clients during the time I devote to their lives.  

When I am not attending infant feeding webinars, completing a course or working on care plans for my clients I spend my downtime making memories with my two boys and my devoted husband (who is always supporting all my crazy, ambitious ideas). We love making crafts and reading, being outdoors exploring something new, and eating breakfast for supper at least twice a month.

When it comes to helping you in the land of parenting, I will always be your cheering squad, your book of reference, and your biggest supporter. I promise I will not give up on you and your baby. - Claire


Devoted. Experienced. Professional.

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Lactation Consultant

Claire Dolmage is a maternal child nurse by trade, and although this was her field of choice after school,
she knew something was missing in her career. After endeavoring challenges herself with breastfeeding
her first son in 2016, Claire knew that becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
was the missing puzzle piece. IBCLC’s obtain the highest level of lactation/infant feeding support you can
receive, and it requires over 1000 hours of clinical experience, over 95 hours of education, a lot of
passion, and a ton of dedication. Claire got to work. In 2019, after 9 years of nursing Claire decided it
was time to study and study hard. She wrote her 8 hour IBCLC exam, passed and started straight away
providing care to the community that she knew was in desperate need. Over the last 4 years, Claire has
made an impact in the communities she supports. She owns a thriving business and while trying to do
better in the world of Infant feeding she is making an impact and looking for ways to expand her
practice. She is over the moon excited to expand her services to The Clinton Chiropractic House. With
her non-judgemental approach and constantly expanding knowledge she will never give up on you and
your baby.

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